Daz Dugan
Always Look Forward and Never Look Back Be
The Best Version of Yourself
Daz Dugan
Always Look Forward and Never Look Back Be
The Best Version of Yourself
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Welcome to Military Functional Fitness

Our Gym consists of a full Bespoke Rig, Jump Boxes, Dumbbells, Bumper Plates and so much more!

Daz Dugan the founder and owner of Military Functional Fitness was a Military Colour Sergeant. His qualifications, experience and personality are ideal for helping you reach your goals!


Is as low as £25 per month (only 85p a day)

The History of Daz Dugan
professional instructor

Owner of Military Functional Fitness

Daz Dugan has had a vast history, he was a Bodyguard to Royalty and Government figures. The most important client of all was world political figure, ‘Steve Bannon. Daz was also The Fight Game Practitioner for 39 years. A Professional Soldier, for 25 years and a Physical Training Instructor since 1994.
Daz is a robust, physically imposing character, who brings light into any dark room. His volume, and presence immediately puts people at ease whilst also being a ball of enjoyable fun. His aim is to make any impossible task achievable. He will help you get physically fit and strong, all with elegance and technical progression at every angle.

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